Personal Training

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  • Price: $ 40
  • Duration: 30
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At Core Fitness, we acknowledge that every person is different and have their own goals to achieve. Our qualified trainers focus on a healthier lifestyle with fitness incorporated on a regular basis to improve overall health.

Core Fitness has an Outdoor/studio style set-up focussing on functional movement, toning and weight loss.

Our Personal Training services include 1-on-1 training with a Coach and Semi-Private Training, allowing you to train up to 4-on-1 with a dedicated Coach and your friends.


Maximum results
Accountability and motivation
Consistent and beneficial support
Proper technique and injury management
Personalised workout programs to suit your needs
Manage your workout time effectively and push you beyond what you thought possible

Looking to get lean, toned, fitness ready and enjoy training in 2019?

Core Fitness 21 Day Foundation Program

3 x Semi - PT Sessions per week designed to lean and tone WITHOUT spending hours at the gym

100% Support and Motivation from our trainers to finally avoid fluctuating results and be able to maintain your goals

Increased Strength & Fitness WITHOUT getting big and bulky

Weekly Nutrition Tips & Tricks to make the difference at home

Body Scans so that you gain confidence in seeing results

Plus heaps more…