5 Minute Ab Workout

It’s easy to make excuses not to exercise. Too busy, can’t get to the gym, just finished eating, lazy…. But today is not that day! I’ve been inspired by quick and shorts workouts lately, as they a great way to fit in your daily workout and you can easily stack 2-4 together to create a total body workout. And most of them a designed to be done at home!

I’ve focused this workout on the core. I’ve been doing a lot of pilates and yoga lately, which means my personal focus has been building a strong core to support the rest of my body. Plus it reminds me to have good posture, which I don’t always have while at the computer. (Read more here!) This workout is only 5 minutes long and can either been done solo as a quick core focus, or tacked onto a leg and an arm workout to complete a full body circuit. So no excuses not to get it done!

Only equipment needed is a mat/a bit of space and a timer.

5 Minute Ab Blast!

Do each move for 45 sec, rest 15 sec in between each exercise.
1. Russian Twists
2. Double Leg Lowers
3. Leg Circles (45 sec on each side)
4. Plank w/Hip Touches


Russian Twists:
-Sitting on your tailbone, knees bent to 90 degrees, hands clasp together, elbows out wide. Lean back on your tailbone until you feel your abs start working. With control, touch right elbow to the ground, twisting through the core not just shoulders. Return to starting position, then complete left side.

Double Leg Lower
-Lying on your back, legs straight up in the air, toes pointed. Hands make a triangle and go underneath your tailbone. (This helps keep your back flat against the floor the whole movement.) Keeping shoulders and head relaxed and legs glued to one another, lower legs until they are just hovering above the ground. (Or you feel your lower back start to peel off the ground.) Pause, then return to starting position.
Single Leg Circles
-Lying flat on your back, legs straight, hands palms down out to either side of you. Bring right leg straight above you, toes pointed. Keeping back flat against the ground, take leg across the body then towards the floor, then in a large arc take the leg wide until it is back to starting position. Do half the time one direction, and half the time the opposite way. Second round, left side!

Plank w/Hip Touches
-Starting in an elbow plank (Elbows under shoulders, bent at 90 degrees, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet all in a straight line. Keep core tight!) With control, drop right hip towards the ground while keeping both elbows and feet on the ground. Touch hip or top of thigh to the ground then return to starting position. Repeat on left side.

Happy Training!


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