12 Gift Ideas for the Fitness Guru

‘Tis the season! We’ve almost made it through 2016, but we have one last holiday season to get through. Unless you are one of those super organized people that have had their Christmas gifts chosen and wrapped since June (lucky you!), the rest of us have to suffer through brain cramps and an ever approaching deadline to get all their shopping done. And the 25th has a way of coming faster than the Polar Express!
Still looking for a gift for your healthy, fitness friend in your life? Or on a budget and need something for your gym buddy that won’t break the bank? I got you covered! Here are my 12 Days of Christmas gift choices for the fitness guru in your life. From all different price points, hopefully you can find some gift inspiration!

12 Fitness and Health Gifts for 2016

  1. Water Bottle


Pretty sure no one washes their water bottle as much as you should… So give your workout buddy a second one! No excuse now! You can find this pretty one from EQUA.

  1. Gift Card For The Gym/New Classes/Activities
    For the person on your list with the hidden/not so hidden zest for new adventure. If they keep mentioning they want to try salsa dancing but never get around to it, give them a much needed shove in its direction.
  2. Hair Ties, Headbands, Bobby Pins, Pro Wrap
    a. Because anyone with long hair knows you need spare in your gym bag. Plus, great and useful gifts if you are on a budget!
  3. Socks


Socks are the greatest Christmas gift ever and no one will change my mind! You can get them for almost any activity (hiking, skiing, barre, running, lifting, reading…), they come in variety of price points, and are extremely useful. No regifting here! Check out these amazing Polar Fleece socks (I own 3 pairs and love them!) at Mountain Equipment Coop.

  1. Yoga Mat, Strap, Block


For the yogi (beginner or experienced) or just someone who likes to workout at home. It is always nicer knowing it’s only your sweat on the mat during hot yoga…. I personal love this mat from lululemon. It’s great for at home training!

  1. At Home Gym Equipment


For the on the budget fitness friend. Pay attention to what they say they already have and ask them what they would like. Something as simple as a skipping rope or another set of dumbbells can really help expand an exercise idea bank, without costing you the bank. Find dumbbells like these at Rebel Sport in a verity of sizes.

  1. Inspirational/Motivational Poster


If you have a friend constantly posting quotes on Instagram or Facebook about loving life, finding your inner beauty, or just about the need for coffee everyday, this is perfect for them. Just find a quote they posted, blow it up, print and frame! Cheap, but shows that you do actually pay attention to their social feeds. Or you can find some at KMart (like the one above) if you are short on time.

  1. Sweat Towel


No longer the oldest towel in your hallway closet, sweat towels are essential for the gym and yoga studio. Let them walk with pride and never lose their locker key again. You can find this Zip Towel at Cotton On for only $9.95AUD!

  1. Cookbooks
    Everyone could use a little extra inspiration in the kitchen! Even if you are chef in training like my partner who can never seem to stay on recipe, it is the perfect jumping off point in trying something new to spice up your diet.
  2. Active Wear (or gift card for Active Wear)


Life is better in active wear. I practically live in it, so it is always nice to get new things to sweat in. (And a gift card is always safe if you don’t want to play the size guessing game.) I love these Run Swiftly Long Sleeve Crews from lululemon and highly recommend them.

  1. Foam Roller, Trigger Point Ball
    How much time have you and all your golf buddies spent taking care of you niggles and aches and pains? With a variety of sizes, shapes and colours, along with an abundance of information out there about stretching, rehab and prehab, foam rollers and trigger point balls should be in everyone’s gym bags. Show some love to anyone who could use some muscle release.
  2. Gym Bag


My best gym bags have all been gifts from someone else. I can never seem to find one with enough pockets or that perfect size, yet I’ve been given the perfect gym/trainer bag that suits my active lifestyle! Choose an active they do (running, lifting, swimming) and base your choices around that and the worst you do is give them the best bag for one of their activities. Adidas has a good range on their website right now.

May this help spark some ideas for presents for the fitness guru in your life!

Happy Holidays!

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